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European Bioanalysis Forum

Watch recordings of our presentations and download slides from European Bioanalysis Forum (EBF) 2020:

Day 1: New immunogenicity strategies to meet the needs of a developing pandemic (Richard Hughes, Associate Scientific Director) 

Download Richard's slides via EBF website

Day 1: The highs and lows of ultra-sensitive immunoassays (Dan Creed, Senior Scientist)

Download Dan's slides via EBF website

Day 2: Next Gen Trypsin: Large Molecule LC-MS/MS Bioanalysis Today, Not Tomorrow (Ashley Phillips, Senior Scientist) 

Download Ashely's slides via EBF website

Day 3: A recap of EBF discussions and recommendations on Pharma-CRO partnership best practices for Method Development (Rachel Green, Operations Director - on behalf of the EBF)

Download Rachel's slides via EBF website

Day 4: Bad Blood? An Evolving Tale of Risk Within a COVID-19 World (Michael Wright, Scientific Director)

Download Mike's slides via EBF website


Quanterix GxP validated


Validation of Nf-L in Human Matrix

LGC has successfully completed a validation of Neurofilament-Light (Nf-L) in healthy human serum and plasma on one of Europe's first fully validated and compliant HD-X systems. 



Bioanalysis Zone logo

In the Zone: HRMS vs QqQ


In Bioanalysis Zone's ‘In the Zone’ feature we pitched HRMS versus QqQ in a head-to-head comparison over a wide range of bioanalytical application areas.


A new king of quantitation?

An entertaining review of method development, maintenance, sample analysis and data management


HR-MS for the CROLGC HR-MS for the CRO

We look at the benefits and challenges of high res mass spectrometry for the CRO



HR-MS for large molecule quantificationLGC HR-MS for large molecule quantification

We explore whether high resolution mass spectrometry can challenge the ‘Gold Standard’ triple quadrupole mass spectrometer for quantitative bioanalysis within the CRO environment.



LGC Small Molecule Bioanalysis

Small Molecule Bioanalysis - Time to Saddle a New Workhorse?

Is it time for the traditional workhorse for small molecule quantitation to be put out to pasture?




Infographic: The benefits of HR-MS compared to QqQ

We explore top tips to prolong periods between instrument cleans, compare cleaning times for QqQ and QToF platforms and provide an assessment of robustness, with a focus on sensitivity level and mass accuracy.

Finally, we present common trends to be aware of when the QToF platform has become contaminated and requires cleaning.


European Bioanalysis Forum 2019

Download our slides which were presented at the European Bioanalysis Forum (EBF) 2019 showcasing our bioanalytical capabilities:


Analytical & Materials Science


Solid Form Screening and Selection: From de-risking to API Optimisation - Solid Form in Early Development

View our webinar to discover how our chemistry led approach and comprehensive analytical capability can maximise success rate in solid form discovery while minimising material and resource required.

Solid Form Screening and Selection

Pharmaceutical Forensics: Solving Contamination Issues in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sectors

View our webinar to discover how we investigate foreign particulate matter (FPM) and contamination related issues using forensic analysis.

Pharmaceutical Forensics, FPM

LGC webinar

This is the first in a series of webinars where we will be showcasing our Impurity and Contamination Centre of Excellence.