Flow Cytometry

With the growth of the biopharmaceuticals industry, the impact of biological drugs on the immune system has been a key area of investigation for pre-clinical and clinical drug development. Flow cytometry provides an ideal tool to examine this impact, allowing the interrogation of immunological changes at the level of a single cell to define drug related effects.

Our flow cytometry service offers a range of assays to support pre-clinical through to late phase drug development. With two 13-colour, Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX cytometers, LGC is well equipped to meet your bioanalytical needs. Both instruments are fully validated to meet GLP and GCP regulatory guidelines.


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Complex Assay Development

We have a breadth of experience in the development of complex cytometry end-points, in both human samples and a range of pre-clinical species, including:

• Immunophenotyping
• Receptor Occupancy
• Intracellular cytokines
• Phospho-flow
• Cellular activation
• nAbs

Image showing CytoFlex 2 instrument Beckman Coulter CytoFlex

Regulations in Flow Cytometry

For method development and validation, LGC follows the current industry standards for fit-for-purpose flow cytometry method validation and offer a full method development and validation service. At present, there are no formal regulatory guidelines available for the validation of Flow Cytometry assays.